This article details how to execute an outcome manually on Please note that Olive has a direct integration with TD which is the preferred method for execution as it allows one-click order execution and the ability to monitor the outcome in the Olive portfolio.

  1. Roll over Trade and click Options

    Screenshot of menu to select options
  2. From the Options Strategy selection menu choose Custom

  3. Input Ticker into the Underlying symbol field

  4. Using the Options Order information from the Olive order preview as a reference add each leg in the TD Action field by selecting Buy or Sell to open accordingly.
    **use the screenshots below as a reference

  5. Input the Quantity from Olive order preview for that leg into the TD Contracts field.

  6. Use the expiration date from the Olive order preview natural language description "as of XX/XX/XXXX" to fill the TD Expiration field.

  7. Use the Strike from the Olive order preview to fill the TD Strike field.

  8. Use the Olive order preview Type for this leg to set the TD Call/Put field.

  9. If the outcome is a single leg continue to step 11. Otherwise, click the Add option leg + button below the leg on the TD site to enter the next leg, then repeat steps 5-10 until all legs are input on the TD custom order.

  10. Set Order Type to Net credit

  11. Use Olive Options order Limit Price to set the TD Premium amount.

  12. Set Time-in-force to Day

  13. Click Review order.

  14. Review details including Commission and if correct and agreed upon, click Place order.

Olive Order Preview - Options Order/Order Details

TD Ameritrade - Options order page

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