The payoff diagram is a chart that plots the outcome return at each underlying stock price change. Price changes are plotted on the X-axis and the outcome return is plotted on the Y-axis. The line for "Buying XYZ stock" represents the return of simply buy and hold strategy. The line for "Buying with Olive" represents the outcome return at maturity at each price change. With Olive outcome strategies, a cushion and ceiling are in place that limits some of your upside potential in return for some protection against loss. If the underlying stock price moves above your ceiling, you have "Upside Forgone" (shaded purple). If the underlying stock moves down, you have "Loss avoided" down to your cushion (shaded light green), only beyond that point would you start to lose any of your initial investment. When you invest with an Olive outcome strategy, you never lose more than you would if you had bought the stock outright.

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